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We are process designers, facilitators, trainers and coaches. We collaborate with a number of associates to best serve each particular client's and mandate's needs.
"IPK’s interpersonal, organisational and creative skills, as well as their clear passion for their profession have led us to return to them time after time.”

Rebekah Thomas, Technical Officer, Guideline Review Committee Secretariat, WHO Geneva
Co-Founder & Managing Director, Senior Consultant
Catherine is passionate about collective learning. She enjoys creating safe spaces for meaningful conversations, inviting people to step out of their comfort zones, suspend their usual voices of judgement and to listen to the deep knowledge within.
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Founder & Managing Director, Senior Consultant
Marc sees systems as living entities, with their own identity and life-force. He loves the diversity of mankind, and draws deep inspiration from working with organisations of all sizes as they see and experience the human side of their living system.
Call +41 (79) 521 5114
Managing Director, Senior Consultant
Marion loves seeing change and newness emerging in people. There is, she says, a hopefulness in how people come together to create something new that benefits more than the individual ego.
Call +27 (82) 923 7954
Managing Director, Senior Consultant
Caroline believes in the collective intelligence of groups and in the power of constructive collaboration for breakthrough ideas to emerge. But it is by setting meaningful intention, carefully designing processes and holding space for dialogue that the magic can happen.
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Nqaba is passionate about the magic of collaboration and alternative forms of learning as a framework to seeing the world anew. He believes in the power of participatory community practice.
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Senior Consultant
Margaret is enthusiastic about facilitating change events and working with diverse groups. She is also a monitoring and evaluation specialist. She has experience in change management processes, innovation and co-creation, knowledge management, behaviour change, learning, and theories of change.
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General Manager
Morgane believes that a company can reach its full potential by supporting people’s personal and professional growth. She is process and strategy driven, as she is convinced that it is necessary for working toward long lasting positive development.
Call +27 (76) 779 8868

Associate Coach at IPK based in Cape Town

Gavin enjoys transforming and leveraging people capability, organisational potential and helping leaders manage their energy and effectiveness through insightful and impactful conversations. He is a strategic and results-focused coach. He designs and delivers coaching, mentoring and leadership development interventions. Gavin is fluent in English and Afrikaans.

Associate Coach at IPK based in Cape Town

Nikki has experience delivering leadership development, culture change and strategic transformation initiatives. With an Integral methodological grounding, Nikki invites a person-centred approach that is informed by the emergent power of narrative practice. She is fluent in English and Afrikaans.

Associate Coach at IPK based in Cape Town

Karen is an experienced coach and facilitator in the corporate, public sector and NPO environments. Her clients describe her as engendering “a sense of trust and confidence” and bringing an “empathetic approach”. Karen is fluent in English.

Associate Coach at IPK based in Cape Town

Simon brings a calm and wise presence as a specialist Executive and Renewal Coach who focuses on assisting senior leaders to transform, find their purpose and shape the future. Simon also coaches executive teams into alignment to create sustainable results and truly impactful leadership. He is fluent in English and Afrikaans.

Associate Coach at IPK based in Johannesburg

Beatrice has a special interest in building communities where organisational development becomes a way of work, as well as collaborative change journeys where the wisdom lies in the collective. Beatrice uses self-discovery leading to the alignment of purpose and the fulfilment of goals. She is fluent in English, Afrikaans and French.

Associate Coach at IPK based in Cape Town

Pippa believes that the need for human beings to embrace and work skillfully with uncertainty and ambiguity in our current era of complexity is vital. Her work is supporting leaders in growing their leadership skills and capacity to engage with change by exploring new paradigms through engaging conversations and skillfully working with the mind. Pippa is fluent in English and Afrikaans.

Associate Consultant at IPK based in Lilongwe

Grace thinks that each individual has a purpose in life, and she supports others to realize this purpose. She is passionate about personal, team and organizational development. Grace focuses on organizational learning and development, relationship systems coaching, and change management. She is fluent in English and Chichewa.

Associate Consultant at IPK based in Lilongwe

Sam strongly believes that success in achieving goals is heavily contingent on the ability to manage change and process needs. Applying a whole systems lens, he brings extensive experience in providing organizational development and change, as well as facilitation. Sam is fluent in English, Chichewa and Shona.

Associate Consultant at IPK based in Cape Town

Mwenya is an interdisciplinary performance studies scholar who has an interest in facilitating creative processes. She is inspired by re-imagining African futures and is driven by bringing something new into being. Her creative, teaching and facilitation practices are based on crafting space for people, and on listening carefully, and trusting the multiple intelligences in the ‘room’. Mwenya is fluent in English and Nyanja.

Associate Consultant at IPK based in Bangkok

Wan sees that changes happen every day, but systemic changes require safe spaces for diverse groups of people to work together, try out new ideas together, and collaborate in the longer term. Thus, providing a space for egalitarian communication and an environment for out of the box thinking is one of her core beliefs for change. Wan is fluent in Thai, English; good understanding of Laotian, Spanish, German.

Associate Consultant at IPK based in Santo Domingo

Héctor believes that true collaboration is possible through nurturing connections, using the right tools and selecting appropriate group processes. He has worked for the last 20 years throughout Latin America designing and facilitating transformation engagements. He is a very adaptable facilitator and is very fluid using technology to facilitate remote and face to face sessions. He is fluent in Spanish and English.