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IPK Resources to Share
Over the years we have developed resources which ease our work as process designers and facilitators.
"The concepts, methods and tools in IPK’s training cycles are very relevant for the practical work in our organisation."

Sonja Kurz, SADC Promotion of Economic Integration and Trade Programme, German Agency for Development Collaboration

We understand ourselves as part of a larger community of change agents and facilitators. As such, we benefit enormously from the knowledge and practice many others have shared. In return, we want to share our own knowledge and materials with the wider community. This is a starting point for you to explore. Please return from time to time, as we intend this to be a continuously growing resources page.

Our Approach to Sharing Resources

At IPK we have a long-standing practice of sharing resources. Please see below for a variety of resources, ranging from content relevant to the virtual space, to content relevant to facilitation and process design, further content on tools and methodologies, and much more. Please feel free to send us feedback on what is both useful and of interest to you and your teams.

Working in the Virtual Space
1. Read more about the pro's of Virtual Collaboration
Virtual collaboration opportunities, and some examples of IPK's work in the virtual realm
2. Technology platforms for virtual processes
A summary of tech platforms that IPK likes to use
3. Virtual space and insights on how to design virtual processes
Download our learnings on working in the virtual space and insights on how to design virtual processes
4. Read about collaborating on Google Drive
More about seamless collaboration with Google Drive
5. Read more about variety in technology tools
Think Lego, think tech applications, think user friendliness
6. Read more about virtual platforms like Zoom
How to use Zoom and create breakout rooms
7. Learn about scripting and driving Virtual Sessions
The roles of the facilitator vs the tech driver
8. Look at how to design Virtual Processes: Rhythm, Pace and Formats
A focus on the importance of rhythm, pace and formats
9. Find out how Virtual Engagement is different from gathering face-to-face
On practicalities, structure, preparation and timing
Facilitation and Process Design Instruments
1. DEC Diagrams
How to use Divergence - Emergence - Convergence Diagrams
2. Process 1st Briefing
How to do process design
3. Training 1st Briefing
How to do training
4. Workshop 1st Briefing
How to host a workshop
5. Stakeholder Interview Guide
How to do a stakeholder interview
6. Identifying Participants
How to identify participants
7. Listening Practice Instructions
How to listen in practice
8. Event/Process Stages Worksheet
How to identify event process stages
9. Prototype Outline
How to use prototyping
10. Prototype Feedback
How to get feedback on prototypes
11. Facilitation Plan Template
How to do a facilitation plan
12. ARE IN Worksheet
How to use the ARE IN worksheet
Instructional Videos
1. Tech Video Zoom Ideaflip
A video about Zoom and Ideaflip (10:14)
2. IPK Ideaflip 101 The Basics
A video detailing the basics of Ideaflip (10:46)
3. Ideaflip Orientation
A video providing an orientation to Ideaflip (13:21)
4. Working with MS Teams
A video showing you how to work with MS Teams (9:53)
Behavioural and Personality Profiling
1. Overview of Persolog Personality Factor Profile: Preparation for Individual Debriefing
In this video Catherine provides an overview of the persolog® Personality Factor Profile, the four behavioural styles and three self-concepts. She also instructs participants on how best to review their report in preparation for their individual debriefing session. (20:49)
Facilitation Methodologies
1. Expert Briefs - Fish Bowls Country Level
How to host a fish bowl
2. Expert Briefs - Pecha Kucha
How to do pecha kucha
3. Expert Briefs - Marketplace
How to host a marketplace
4. Expert Briefs - Meet the Project
How to run "meet the project"
5. Expert Briefs - SpeedGeeking
How to do speedgeeking
Featured Content
Our learnings on working in the virtual space and insights on how to design virtual processes
Technology platforms for virtual processes