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The IPK Design Kit
All our events and processes are built using a wide array of facilitation methods. Build your own with our guidance.
“IPK’s process design approach and facilitation expertise enabled us to create dynamic and productive environments in which participant engagement surpassed our expectations - despite the virtual constraints.”

Marielle Phe Goursat, Social Health Protection Program Manager, Country Office of Hanoi, Viet Nam, and Vesna Jovic, Social Protection Officer, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

This page provides you with our Design Kit. While you may find many familiar methodologies, we try to organise them in a way, that helps you navigate the myriad of them and find what suits your intention and purpose.

You will find two ways to access our kit: either you search through the full database and filter for different criteria or you use the second view further below, search for a specific purpose and function, and we will tell you what methods we find particularly useful.

The IPK Design Process

The IPK Design Process diagram provides some guidance in thinking about the design process. It points out the principles, the approach, the design patterns and instruments, functions, facilitation methods, tools, facilitation platforms, facilitation plans, and the process design as the final step. This is intended to help to plan and think about the design process as a whole.

Facilitation Methods in our Design Kit

Methods can be filtered according to functions, duration, typical groups size, difficulty to facilitate (level of sophistication), etc.

  • Click on the method you want to find further information.
  • You can filter and sort by different criteria.
  • Search by clicking onto the magnifier in the top right corner of the collection below.
  • Click on “View larger version” (at the bottom of the box) to get to a full window and have a bigger view of things.


Purposes and Functions to Identify the Right Method

During different stages of an event we need to achieve different purposes. To do so, many methods fulfil specific functions. Each of those typically will occur during the Divergence, Emergence or Convergence phase of a process.

Here below you’ll find methods listed according to functions they fulfil.

Search for a method in the database view above this one.