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We are process designers, facilitators, trainers and coaches. We collaborate with a number of associates to best serve each particular client's and mandate's needs.
Marc Steinlin
Founder & Managing Director, Senior Consultant
Marc sees systems as living entities, with their own identity and life-force. He loves the diversity of mankind, and draws deep inspiration from working with organisations of all sizes as they see and experience the human side of their living system.
Qualifications and language skills
- Holds a Master of Arts degree in Sociology and International Relations (University of Zurich, 1997) and a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Development Co-operation (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETHZ, Zurich, 2002)
- Holds an Executive Master of Science in Cities (London School of Economics LSE, 2021)
- Language Skills: Fluent in English, Swiss-German & German, very good understanding of French, fair knowledge of Spanish (spoken)
Background and experience
- Founder of an own small consulting company in South Africa (2006-date): development of a profitable business, with an own product & service portfolio and a solid customer basis with many returning customers
- Worked as a senior change consultant/facilitator in more than 100 consulting mandates (from short-term mandates to several-months transformational projects)
- Worked in more than 25 countries in: Africa (South Africa, Nigeria, Niger, Côte d'Ivoire, Cameroon, Zambia, Namibia, Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania, Mali, Ethiopia, and more), MENA (Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco), Asia (Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Philippines), Europe (Italy, Switzerland), Latin America (Paraguay, Guatemala)
- Client portfolio includes inter alia: UN system (ILO, WHO, UNAIDS, ITC-ILO), bilateral aid agencies (GIZ, SDC), local and national ministries & departments (City of Cape Town, South African Department of Social Development, Department of Public Monitoring & Evaluation in the South African Presidency, Government of the Free State Province, Namibian Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice Zambia), parastatal enterprises (South African TransNet), international NGOs (APC, BioVision, HEKS), private sector enterprises (First National Bank Namibia)
- Employment positions previously held: Programme Coordinator for Knowledge Management for Development in an international NGO (1998-2006) with Helvetas, Zürich & Bamako), IT advisor with UBS Switzerland (1995-1997)
Skills and expertise
- Working with Complexity: exploring and creating new, cutting-edge ways of grasping complex-adaptive (“living”) systems, realities and issues (→ sense-making); designing and steering interventions that get to terms with the particular reality of complexity and strive at overcoming the shortfalls of conventional project management
- Change Management/ System Transformation: excellent expertise in bringing transformation and change to institutions, communities and other social systems through the use of innovative, highly participatory methods (facilitation of whole system change, large group methods, …)
- Process and Event Facilitation: strong record in designing and delivering high-impact events with diverse goals/ any size of groups (methodologies include inter alia whole system methods (Real Time Strategic Change, Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space Technology, World Café, Dynamic Facilitation, Collective Mind Maps and Timelines), knowledge management tools (Fish Bowl, Speed Geeking, Round Robin, Peer Assist, After Action Review), innovation/ design thinking tools (6 Thinking Hats, Theory U, Journaling, Prototyping, Model Building Studio, 4 Archetypes Exercise, Anecdote Circles, Ritual Dissent), conflict methods (Deep Democracy) and more
- Design Thinking: designing DT processes and applying DT instruments to the social sphere to promote human-centric solutions and innovation through multi-disciplinary teams, real-world observation, ideation, prototyping/testing
- Urban & Regional Science: expertise in urban systems, urban/spatial economics, social systems of cities, urban form & function, urban management, infrastructure, GIS
- Biomimicry: design processes using the evolutionary genius of nature as a model, mentor and measure
- Human Rights: good knowledge, especially Human Rights Based Approach to Development (HRBA) and minority/indigenous rights and the UN system, but also on international law in general (e.g. humanitarian law)
- Development Cooperation/Policy: very good knowledge on development cooperation practice and policy issues
- Strategy Development: strong skills in analysing complex situations/facts and develop comprehensive concepts/strategies, thinking ahead; strong sense for opportunities of innovative ways
- Knowledge Management and Human Resource Development: profound knowledge as well as a developed sense to adapt systems, organisations and technology to human needs and behaviours
- Management Skills: profound applied knowledge in planning/definition, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects; “Originator” for ideas and innovations; very good skills in organisation and leadership
- Communication and Networking: very good skills in the recognition of social patterns and processes and the management of all kinds of communication situations; charismatic and natural manner in public (good promoter/champion of ideas and viewpoints), good networker with natural sense to build up extensive networks of relations; good resource investigator; good skills in lobbying and advocacy
- Empathy for the Human Nature: good sense and knowledge of the human character, strong ability to empathize, very sensitive for needs and motivations of counterparts, articulate sense for human diversity (intra- and intercultural) and its potential as a core resource
- Personal sense for precision, thoroughness, appropriateness, conscientiousness and self-reliant, reliability, commitment and dedication
Projects Marc Steinlin has worked on