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Serving the Human Spirit
Human beings thrive

Human systems – institutions, places and situations – become better performing (more targeted, effective, innovative), if humans, that constitute those systems, themselves thrive, feel fully integrated and respected. Communities, organisations, cities, work places, social gatherings, teams, etc. can be better adapted to the human spirit, more accommodating and more responsive to those that live in them, work in them, contribute to them, interact with them. People will only take genuine responsibility and initiative when they are included in contributing and creating to what matters in their lifeworlds.

IPK can offer you

Conversations are the most critical key instrument, but they need to be structured to ensure they are conducive and productive. We give each and every person a voice, which can sometimes lead to amazing results. Our process has three distinct stages: divergence, emergence and convergence, which is a universal pattern to deeper transformation:

  • Learning and understanding from the past, from each other, from research and innovation, and from outsiders
  • Co-creating new and visionary ideas suited to drive joint purpose, mobilise action and possibly bring about innovation
  • Narrowing down the range of possible options to an agreed pathway that determines specific and practical steps
    for implementation

In creating a shared vision and common goals, we identify the importance of connecting to each individual’s personal purpose. Answering the question “WHY should I?” must be answered before “HOW can I?” Our processes are designed to cater for both answers, using critical sense-making techniques.

IPK creates safe spaces for meaningful conversations

We design processes that allow people to reconnect with their inner, personal purpose within the greater system.

We empower people by designing safe ways to unearth their resources and knowledge, and where they can articulate their hopes and expectations as a contribution to the greater good of human-friendly communities bound by purpose.