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Leveraging Diversity
Diversity is a precious resource

We believe all institutions should grasp the business case for diversity. Human diversity harbours the greatest strength and potential of human systems.

It can unleash innovation, adaptation and responsiveness. We help unlock diversity as an omnipresent feature of life itself, rather than treating it as a reality that needs to be managed and accommodated. This allows diversity to flourish, revealing the dormant ingenuity inside each person, which is often buried by frustration, feelings of powerlessness and disconnection from a higher purpose.

IPK can offer you

We make diversity visible, encouraging people to appreciate it and discover how to harness its precious potential. Our work is based on the understanding that – as we take on different roles and functions – diversity exists within every one of us. This opens a gateway to fuller, more inclusive and fruitful interaction and cooperation. If people gain access to their invisible, unconscious, concealed capacity, enormous resources become available. We design processes that reveal the resources and capacities within the system.

IPK unlocks diverse knowledge and ingenuity

Our approach gives people confidence in the inherent value of their knowledge, skills and experience. We dig deep into experience and memory to reveal that which best serves the ultimate purpose. Differences enrich a system. We use tools that make diversity transparent and help people visualise it in a safe way. This enables them to discover, articulate and appreciate the value inherent in different backgrounds, views, interests and experiences.

We help people see that their roles and responsibilities are part and cause of their diversity. An important part of transforming systems is the ability to actively recognise, assume roles and make them fluid. Responsibility emerges from ownership when people actively take part in development processes. Our processes are designed to allow this conscious attitude to unfold.