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IPK Resources to Share
Over the years we have developed resources which ease our work as process designers and facilitators.
"The concepts, methods and tools in IPK’s training cycles are very relevant for the practical work in our organisation."

Sonja Kurz, SADC Promotion of Economic Integration and Trade Programme, German Agency for Development Collaboration

We understand ourselves as part of a larger community of change agents and facilitators. As such, we benefit enormously from the knowledge and practice many others have shared.

In return, we want to share our own knowledge and materials with the wider community. This is a starting point for you to explore.

Please return from time to time, as we intend this to be a continuously growing resource page.

Our Approach to Working in the Virtual Realm

At IPK we have a long-standing practice of using virtual means and platforms when designing and facilitating processes. While in the past we did so mostly in blended formats, i.e. in combination with face-to-face events, we are also able to provide advice, design and facilitation services in a virtual realm setting only.

Please read more about our response to the Corona Virus pandemic and what IPK can offer you now

Read more about the pro’s of Virtual Collaboration

Find out how Virtual Engagement is different from gathering face-to-face

Look at how to design Virtual Processes: Rhythm, Pace and Formats

Learn about scripting and driving Virtual Sessions

Read more about virtual platforms like Zoom

See how technology enables fabulous creative opportunities

Learn from our experiences using Mentimeter

Educate yourself about video conferencing etiquette

Read more about variety in technology tools

Learn about team collaboration with IdeaFlip

Read about collaborating on Google Drive

And finally, download our learnings on working in the virtual space and insights on how to design virtual processes. pandemic response flyer longer version V3_2_2

Please also download our descriptions of technology platforms for virtual processes. Tech platforms for Virtual Processes


The IPK Design Kit

In meetings, workshops and conferences, we work with a broad range of facilitation tools and formats, each serving its own function and purpose, and each being suited to different conditions and circumstances.

You can access our Design Kit and search through dozens of methods and tools we have appreciated in our practice:
The IPK Design Kit

IPK Facilitation Handbook

Knowledge Sharing for Change: the IPK Facilitation Handbook (Version 2.5, 2013) is the manual we have used in many of our facilitation training courses. While it has been written in 2013 and we may have advanced in many ways, it still provides a good insight and foundation in our practice that served us well over the years.

Facilitation Handbook (V2.5; 2013)

Technology Orientation 101 (Zoom login & Menti)

A brief orientation of how to access a few of our favourite technology tools

Technology Orientation 201 (Zoom & Ideaflip)
IPK Ideaflip Orientation 101: Making Use of the Basics
IPK Ideaflip Orientation 201: Advanced Board Creation
MS Teams Orientation
Mentimeter Orientation
Orientation to Persolog Personality Factor Profile

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Paper on Hybrid Events (English)