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IPK prides itself in staying up to date with the newest technologies and in engaging in the virtual realm.
"I want to thank you for the great work over the past days and weeks. You helped us and made it possible to deliver a convincing virtual congress."

Urs Steiger, Steering Group President, 2nd Swiss Congress on Landscapes, Switzerland
IPK in the Virtual Space

IPK has many years of experience working in the virtual realm. Through the global pandemic and the lockdown situation across the world, making use of the virtual space has increased even more. At IPK we are hopeful and positive about these changes, we embrace the new possibilities and see many opportunities for working online collaboratively. Here, we recount some of our experiences and tips on which tools and technologies we find particularly useful. Please read our blog posts on virtual related topics.

About Hybrid Events

We have been challenged to get our head around hybrid events.
Here are our reflections on what hybrid means in our view, how to take informed decisions around hybrid, and how to plan and design for hybrid meetings.

Hybrid Events – A Guidance (english)
Hybride Events – Eine Handhabe (deutsch)

A Classification of Online Tools to Build Virtual Platforms

To build our online platforms for virtual events and processes, we using a combination of tools.
It proved useful to distinguish a few functional categories (in dark blue) and under each of them a set of primary functions (in grey):

Please note that in many cases these categories are not clear-cut and arguable. Various tools provide more than one function. Also, most tools develop on an almost monthly basis, adding more features, which makes this classification even more difficult. But it can still serve to provide some orientation.

Online Tools that IPK Likes to Use

Here IPK shares which ones we use for different purposes, and highlights features that we particularly like.
The classification of tools follows the classification in the table above.

IPK Virtual Training Offerings

IPK offers a range of services in the virtual realm. We empower others to use the virtual space, for events and conferencing, for workshops and networking, as well as for other purposes. Please download our flyer for further information on our virtual trainings and on our experience in offering these.

IPK virtual training offering flyer

The IPK Association with IDEAFLIP

IPK is proud to announce its association with the innovative platform IDEAFLIP, an online sticky notes board that allows groups and individuals to compose, collect, and clarify ideas. The IPK profile page is live on the IDEAFLIP website

It shows how IPK makes use of IDEAFLIP templates, for anything from brainstorming sessions to more complex processes like strategic prioritisation. IPK offers orientation and training sessions on how to use Ideaflip. For some examples of how IPK has used IDEAFLIP, please download the IDEAFLIP case studies here:

Ideaflip Case Studies with cover

Our Thinking about Virtual Collaboration

Read more about the pro’s of Virtual Collaboration:
Virtual collaboration opportunities, and some examples of IPK’s work in the virtual realm.

How to Organise Your Virtual Sessions

Look at how to design Virtual Processes: Rhythm, Pace and Formats:
A focus on the importance of rhythm, pace and formats.

Learn about scripting and driving Virtual Sessions:
The roles of the facilitator vs the tech driver.

On Working with Specific Tools

Read more about variety in technology tools:
Think Lego, think tech applications, think user friendliness.

Read more about virtual platforms like Zoom:
How to use Zoom and create breakout rooms.

Read about collaborating on Google Drive:
More about seamless collaboration with Google Drive.

Read about team collaboration with IDEAFLIP:
How to collaborate effectively using a virtual whiteboard.

Some Examples of Our Work

Gains, Losses and Learnings from our first Virtual Conferencing Experience:
More about hosting the 2nd Swiss Congress on Landscapes.

Read about how IPK took the Winterthur Climathon Online:
What platforms IPK used to deliver an online Climathon.

Read about how IPK took the Inception Workshop for the SAMM project into the Virtual Space:
More about the Virtual Structure of the Inception Workshop.