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IPK’s Environmental Policy

IngeniousPeoplesKnowledge Consultants is a collective of process designers, facilitators, trainers and coaches, committed to perform in our field of expertise. We consciously take steps and are committed to safeguarding and protecting the environment for future generations. We do this by minimising the impact our activities have on the environment.

Our commitments to action

Travel practices:

● When we are required to travel by air, we commit to offsetting our carbon footprint by calculating the carbon emission and donating accordingly to a local project (for example, see

● We commit, where viable, to work with a local network of associates to limit travel logistics. This means that we commit to fostering a global network of associates.

● We commit to upholding the environmental safeguarding practices of the countries we travel to for work by investigating the practices and complying with them.

● When we travel for work, we commit to using local public transport that is readily available to reduce emissions (for example, in Johannesburg use the Gautrain rather than rent a car).

Office practices:

● Our team works remotely from home to reduce our carbon footprint.

● We commit, where feasible, to deliver our services virtually to reduce carbon emissions created through travel.

● We commit to limit and reduce, when possible, printing of material.

● We commit to recycle our stationery and supplies as much as possible.

● We commit to conscious use of data transfer (for example, limit email attachments, conscious usage of video).

● We commit to limit the renewal of IT equipment.

● We commit to avoid single-use plastic.

On site/virtual mandate practices:

● Usage of sustainable locally made catering

● We commit to trying to use supplies that have a recycled element and paper that is sustainably sourced.

● We are aware of the impact of Virtual meeting and we commit to provide the best professional service while exploring how to lower our environmental impact of those meetings, we are consulting reports such as: to explore how to lower our impact

Our commitments to raising awareness

We are committed to creating awareness by:

● Including an environmental awareness paragraph in our general terms and


● Communicating about our policy, sharing it with our network, and having it visible on the website;

● Ensuring that our staff and associates are familiar with our environmental policy and practice it when they work for IPK;

● Sharing knowledge on good environmental practice when we come across it.

This is a living document, and we continue to add commitments that enable us to live and work in better harmony with our planet.