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Not only self-organised events, but self-organised learning, too!

We strongly believe in the power of self-organised events and organisation, but self-organised learning takes it still on another level! However, why should something so complex as teaching and learning suddenly ignore and escape all the things we know about complex systems? Such as the prevailance of emergence? If we believe that it is important to work with life and nature, rather than against it, it should be nothing but consequent to go this path! Very impressive, we find…

In fact I have been following Sugata Mitra already about 8 years ago (at my time at Helvetas), when he did his experiments called “The hole in the wall” – and was already highly fascinated then. “Imagine if you could take this further…” I thought – and Mitra of course did! I’m really excited to see what a long way he has come!

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