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New Facilitation Handbook available

We are happy and proud to launch our new Facilitation Handbook . The title “Knowledge Sharing for Change – Designing and Facilitating Learning Processes with a Transformational Impact” embodies our credo that underlies our work and in particular the events we design and facilitate: that the ultimate goal must be to bring about transformation of some sort, however that learning (in particular peer-to-peer learning) and knowledge sharing are key to such change.

The Handbook explains our own, particular approach to change processes, that builds on the idea of looking at social groups and institutions as complex systems. It contains various sections: starting with a brief general outline of how we believe we can deal with complex systems in a change context, it then draws practical conclusions on designing and delivering change events (such as workshops, meetings, conferences, …) – in particular in terms of the architecture of such events; it then creates an overview over methods and tools which allow to select and assemble them into a meaningful order that directs the event towards results.

What initially had triggered off the writing of this Handbook was the need to have some sort of “training script” for our facilitation and change trainings. We since have successfully held our first training events and are very happy about how people received and appreciated this tool. If you’re interested to learn more about possibilities and maybe a tailor-made training for your context/organisation, please touch base!

If this Handbook is useful to you, then we are very pleased. We welcome any comments, ideas, also for improvement! Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Catherine & Marc

To download, click here.

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