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Make hybrid events happen – and know when not to! Read our guidance

Recently, the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (a Swiss government department) asked us to put together a guide on how to implement virtual events (workshops, meetings, conferences). As part of the mandate, we used one of their conferences to test some design patterns, facilitation methods and technical arrangements. This experience influenced the guide.

The guide sheds light on the following areas:

  • What do we actually mean by “hybrid”? Some terminology to clean out some misunderstandings
  • What criteria can we apply to decide for or against going hybrid? What makes the extra effort of hybrid worthwhile?
  • Basic principles & pitfalls to consider in hybrid events
  • Design patterns & ideas to apply in the practical design
  • A sneak peek into the future of hybrid

The guide ends with some very practical suggestions, e.g. how to adapt facilitation methods to hybrid situations, an example of a facilitation script and a possible network plan of how to plug together different devices in a workshop room to allow for hybrid facilitation.

Guide in English:
Guide in German:

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  1. The article is very informative. Thanks for sharing your insights and ideas with your readers.

    Comment by Dennis on 10/05/2023 at 08:03
  2. You’re welcome Dennis!

    Comment by adminipk on 11/05/2023 at 15:37